Protecting vision and preventing blindness for a whole cast of characters is an important part of your job.

Receive up to a $500 rebate and a FREE 5-year SmartCare™ Services Program with your purchase of a new Spot® Vision Screener.

Welch Allyn® Spot® Vision Screener

Get fast and accurate results with the Spot Vision Screener.

Screening with evidence-based tools like the Spot Vision Screener helps make sure that you find and refer children that have vision challenges. And, the Spot Vision Screener's non-invasive screening method creates an easy way to get accurate results.

Pinellas County Schools used the Spot Vision Screener to revolutionize their screening program. Request a consultation and get a copy of the Pinellas County Schools Case Study to find out more.

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Key Benefits

Fast Screening

  • You can screen both eyes at the same time
  • Screening data is captured in just one second
  • Instant on-screen results offer easy-to-interpret ‘pass’ or ‘refer’ results

Provide Accurate Referrals

  • Reliable and validated results help you accurately refer students

Easily Save, Share, and Transfer Results

  • Import/export screening results for easy data management
  • Portable, Wi-Fi enabled design
  • One-page result certificates promote follow-up care

Ideal for Special Needs Children

  • Allows non-invasive screening from a 3-foot distance with little or no cooperation from the child

Watch Video

For the past two years, the Half Helen Foundation has used the Spot Vision Screener to objectively screen over 18,000 children to detect vision impairments. See how the Spot Vision Screener has revolutionized their screening program.

Customer Testimonials

“Two years ago, our school was a “B” school. Last year we implemented a comprehensive vision screening program with proper follow-up exams and glasses for those in need. We feel our vision improvement program contributed to our school moving back up to an “A” school.”
- Principal Brandy Hogue, Spirit Elementary School in Volusia County, FL

"The teachers reported an increase in grades. One teacher of an autistic student came into the office in tears, so grateful. The student now has glasses, stays in her seat and keeps working."
- Sarah Miranda, Vision Screening Coordinator at Palmetto Elementary in Poinciana, FL

"Thank you so much for letting us do a trial run with the spot vision equipment. A parent caught up with me in the hallway with a huge hug to thank us for doing the vision screening. The mother said she had just returned from the ophthalmologist with her child and the doctor was so impressed that we picked up the abnormal screening, he asked her what school her child attended and could not believe the nurse in a routine screening caught the abnormality."
-Susan Taylor RN MSN, Director of Health Services, Pine Crest School

Revolutionize your screening program while
creating a better student experience.

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