Using the SNAP Health Center During the COVID-19 Crisis

SNAP Health Center contains critical built-in monitoring and notification features that School Nurses need in their electronic health records (EHR) to manage the health and safety of the student population during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

This webinar will discuss some of the new and evolving challenges school health leaders will be faced with and how to use SNAP Health Center to overcome them. In this webinar, you will identify ways that SNAP Health Center supports reopening schools under the new normal, recognize how powerful reporting and data analytics, combined with real-time communication can help detect an outbreak before it occurs, and explore how an EHR can enable administrators to make educated data-driven decisions.

About the Presenter:

As a Strategic Account Executive with over 12 years of experience at PSNI, Christine Drucker has become a subject matter expert on K-12 EHRs. She has gained unique insight into the role and responsibilities of school nurses and how EHRs support data driven decision-making within the educational system. Christine has worked side-by-side with the PSNI Nursing Informatics Team for over a decade, supporting the development of specialized software to meet the unique challenges within the school health clinic. Christine also leads EHR User Groups across the nation to advance live exchange of end-user product knowledge and promote meaningful information exchange and professional networking.