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Do you currently have AEDs installed in your facilities?

Webinar: The ABCs of AEDs: A School Health Professional’s Guide to Establishing and Enhancing Public Access Defibrillation on Campus

A school looks to its health professionals to respond to all types of emergencies, from very minor to life and death situations. This prerecorded presentation deals with the “worst-case” scenario: when an adult or child on campus collapses in Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

What simple steps can you take to make your school ready when the unthinkable hits?

This webinar covers:

  • Fundamentals of establishing a campus AED program, even with limited resources
  • Your role in AED education, maintenance, compliance, QA/QI
  • How to expand and enhance existing AED programs in your schools
  • Getting buy in from key stakeholders
  • Large scale student CPR training
  • Case studies of AED success stories on campus



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