In order to provide proper care to your students, there are certain tools that are a requirement. As tools necessary for checking inside the ears, eyes, and throat, ophthalmoscopes are a must-have item for any medical location. These tools help to identify conditions and disorders that may otherwise be hard to detect with the unaided eye. With the right ophthalmoscopes and related accessories, make sure your students are given the adequate care they deserve.

We offer a diverse selection of ophthalmoscopes to meet your need with ease and affordability. Choose from top brands in the medical industry such as Welch Allyn, Riester USA, and more for dependable performance you can count on for years of service. These options all offer superior manufacturing components for a high-quality product. With features such as integrated power convertor technology to convert voltage effectively to avoid draining the battery and pivoting lenses that offer up to 3 times magnification, these ophthalmoscopes are made with the highest standards of performance for a tool you can rely on for accurate results. New models use a whiter light than older models to reduce reflections for a clearer view of the area. In addition to the tools themselves, we also offer a variety of accessories you may need. Choose from carrying cases with fully zippered openings for added protection, replacement handles with battery components, individual batteries, speculums of various sizes and materials, and much more. All of the products we offer are made to last for years while meeting your high standards. They are lightweight enough for easy carrying while still being constructed of durable materials. Add one of these tools to your location today.

At School Health, we have spent the last 60 years providing our valued customers with the best in high-quality medical solutions. With a large selection of the top brands at affordable prices, find everything you need for your location. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us.