For those with differing abilities, there are certain everyday tasks that are difficult to perform. With the use of special education switches, the idea of performing these tasks can become easier to manage.

We offer a wide selection of special education switches to accommodate the needs of your differing abled students with ease and affordability. Our wide selection of high-quality special education switches features options catering to such areas as capability switches, switch interfaces, switch adapted toys, and software. All of the special education switches and accompanying accessories we offer are made to meet the highest standards of performance for a reliable addition to maximum functionality. Our selection of capability switches offers options to accommodate a range of need such as voice activated, hand switches, foot switches, and more. These devices are designed to be highly sensitive to pick up on the signals being sent. These devices are easy to use for a range of ages and differing abilities. Our selection of interfaces features devices designed to work with a range of switch types and manufacturers. They can be easily set up with a variety of software options and devices. In fact, most units take no more than a few minutes to set up with existing software programs. We also offer a wide range of learning software to accompany the use of switch devices covering lessons such as math, cause and effect, sounds, colors, and more. In addition to the switches and software, we offer a range of switch capable toys. All children deserve the fun and excitement of playtime and with these switch compatible products, children with differing abilities can join in on the fun. From colorful caterpillars with lights and music to art kits for older children, these toys are made to encourage independence during playtime. Find everything you need for your special education program with our selection of great options!

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