For students with differing abilities in terms of hearing, having the right tools available can make a huge difference in their day. From the ability to comprehend information being shared to their own ability to communicate effectively with those around them, it is important for students with hearing impairments to feel properly supported with the right assistive devices and resources. With the right assistive hearing products, students can excel at learning new objectives, communicate more clearly with classmates, and improve their sense of confidence.

We offer a diverse range of hearing devices to help students achieve their goals while addressing their differing hearing abilities. We offer assistive hearing products covering a range of needs such as assistive listening devices, deaf alert systems, and deaf communication tools. Choose from such essentials as ADA compliance kits, personal amplifiers, lecture systems, adaptive phones, and more. When you need hearing devices that offer alerts through light, vibration, or other means, choose from such essentials as alarm clocks, phone signalers, household alerts, and bed shakers. Many hearing-impaired individuals utilize sign language as a means of visual communication. When looking for products to help facilitate the learning of American sign language, we offer a diverse collection of ASL instruction tools to work with children of all ages. These learning guides are brightly colored, child-friendly, and informative with multiple lessons packed into each product. Whether you need a personal amplifier that is discreet yet still powerful, a set of headsets and assistive devices for giving tours, or a universal sound signaler alert, we have the assistive devices you need to ensure every student has the same chance at success. Best of all, find everything you need in one convenient place!

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