Any time there is an injury, it needs to be handled the right way. Improper handling of injuries can lead to further aggravation of the area affected, as well as introduce new injuries to surrounding tissue. With our selection of high-quality braces equipment, be ready to treat injuries and encourage proper healing.

We offer a diverse selection of affordable braces equipment to cover a range of needs. All of the braces equipment we feature has been made to meet the medical standards and performance for these medical products. When you need padded clothing, compression clothing, thermal, or recovery clothing, we have a wide selection for this area. Compression and heat are known ways to treat sore muscles and sprains. We also offer a selection of head and face gear such as braces, mouth guards, and glare aids. When you need braces equipment to help keep injuries stable we offer a wide selection of upper and lower extremities braces. These braces feature the best in comfort and stability to help the injury heal without causing further discomfort to the patient. Choose from options designed to limit mobility ideal for certain injuries or options that are hinged to allow for movement of joint areas such as elbow and knees. Whether you need a knee brace, arm brace, or shoulder brace, these options are designed to allow movability that will not interfere with the healing process of the injured area. We also offer a selection of torso and back braces. Back injuries require stability and support to not only heal but also lessen the pain. With these options, rest assured patients will receive the comfort and care they need. Make sure your patients, students, or athletes get the care they deserve with these affordable solutions made with the highest standards.

At School Health, we have spent the last 60 years as a leader in supplying a range of medical supply related needs to schools, athletic complexes, and other locations. We would be happy to assist you or answer any question you may have while browsing our inventory.