Sports related injuries are a main concern for athletes of all ages. With the most commonly occurring injuries being related to pulled muscles and sprains, the use of lower extremities braces is a solid solution to make healing less complicated. When a muscle is put under intense pressure and results in a strain or sprain, the use of braces keeps the muscle tightly compacted to allow it to heal properly and with less pain for the athlete.

We offer several options for lower extremities braces to meet your needs. These products are made with the highest standards of performance and quality so your athletes get the relief and comfort they need. Designed to compact and support injured areas of the leg, these leg braces are available for knees, ankle and foot, and hip and thighs. We offer a complete collection of leg braces and accessories. From compression sleeves for the entire leg and hinged knee brackets to walking boots, we have the products you need to help them heal faster with a lower risk of incurring further damage to the area. These garments, pads, and braces are designed to provide stabilization of the area without hindering range of motion. We offer options that are hinge models for areas related to joint movement such as the knee and ankle, as well as non-hinge sleeves for areas less focused on movement such as the thigh. Whether looking for a full extremity support sleeve or compression garment or a band for focused support of a particular area, these braces and accessories offer superior performance to get your team back in the game sooner. With a focus on affordability and a range of options, we are confident you will find the perfect solution for your athletes.

At School Health, we are honored to be your source for a scope of health-related products. We have spent the last 60 years expanding our reach from schools to include athletic complexes and child development centers as well. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right choice for your needs, our friendly staff would be happy to help.