SmartCuffs® 4.0

SmartCuffs® 4.0 - BFR
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Product Description

Patent-pending iBFR LOP Calibration:

Take out all the guessing of LOP! By taking a percentage of LOP, the user can objectively know how much they are restricting blood flow for their given body structure. This is critical because LOP’s vary wildly from person to person.

Exclusive Tri-Pressure Technology:

There are 3 distinct BFR modes – Continuous, Intermittent, and Resting - that have shown to be highly effective and are now at your fingertips!

Continuous BFR:

The cuffs inflate during exercise sets and rest sessions. Inflation will fatigue your muscles at a high rate. This is ideal for advanced rehab or de-loading joints.

Intermittent BFR:

The cuffs inflate only during the exercise session and deflate during rest session. This is ideal for beginner rehab and de-loading joints.

Resting BFR:

The cuffs do not inflate during the exercise session, they will only inflate during the rest session. This is ideal for beginner rehab to ease into BFR training (using very light weight) or advanced rehab (using heavier weight).


The SmartCuffs® 4.0 was designed to not allow the user to inflate any percentage higher than 80% LOP for any limb. This safety feature makes it ideal to use for at-home patients.


Pinching skin is no longer a problem with proprietary air bladder materials that allow for uniform inflation and fit. The contoured design of the large and XL cuffs allows for superior fit, comfort, and lower limb occlusion pressures. There is also a pre-curled internal stiffener on the cuffs to prevent cuff slippage.

Bluetooth® Connectivity:

Connect to any smartphone or tablet with the SmartCuffs® app.

Clinical Set Includes: (8) SmartCuffs® (pair of each size), (1) Clinical Carrying Case, (2) USB-C charging blocks and cables

Brand Smart Tools
Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
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