Partner Problem Solvers



Partner Problem Solvers

Great for grades K-5! 

Grade Level: K-5

Equipment: (based on class of 30)

Set-up #1 (for full class)
Put the wall posters and activity posters around the perimeter of the gym on the walls with 2 cups or buckets under each one.

How to Play:
Each student or partner duo starts at a poster. They choose a stick out of the cup. They read the equation, run to the poster with the correct answer, deposit it into the bucket, do the exercise or activity, and take a new stick out of the other bucket. They repeat this pattern until the activity ends.

Poster ideas:

  • Exercise pictures via hot spots
  • 5 canon shots
  • Stack 6 ice cream scoops
  • Catch a grabby ball with your partner
  • Juggle scarves for one minute

Make popsicle sticks and corresponding wall card with multiplication or subtraction equations.


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