A-Z Bowling


A-Z Bowling

Earn letters by knocking down your pin!

Grades: K-5



  • Scatter hoops around the gym space, all over the floor.
  • In each hoop put one letter and one weighted pin. Put the same letter outside of the hoop about 6 feet away. 
  • Students need to be in pairs and they need a scorecard, pencil and 1 ball to roll.

K-1 Version:

Each duo needs an alphabet card.

Go in order on the card.

For example, you and your partner have the letter N.  Go find the N spot, one partner rolls the ball and tries to knock down the pin.  If you knock it down, you get to earn the letter.  Check it off on your sheet and then set the pin up for the next group.  Go to the next letter O.  The other partner attempts the roll.  Keep attempting the rolls until you are successful.  Or you can play that both partners have to roll and knock it down to earn the letter. 


2-5 Version:


Same as above, but now you give the student pairs spelling words to spell.  They have to go in order of the word they have to spell.  The words are in the upside down roundnet goals. 

For example, if you have have the word PLAY.  Go to the P, roll the ball, earn it.  Then go to the L, earn it, and so on.

You can also earn skill points in this version. 

1 points if your ball stays in the hoop

2 points if your ball knocks down the pin

3 points if your ball knocks down the pin and it stays in the hoop.


2-5 Version with Scoring:

You make up your own words and try to earn points. Use the scrabble scoring guide.


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