Gift ideas…when the average gift just won’t do.

Gift ideas…when the average gift just won’t do.

Written By: Gabriel Ryan 

The holidays are fast approaching, did you get everything on your holiday list yet for your family member or someone you know with disabilities? If not, don’t worry, because I have various adaptive gift ideas you could consider. I recently came across a few holiday gift guides and lists designed specifically for thinking about products which may be helpful or of interest to people with disabilities. These types of lists can be a great starting point for learning about products you’ve never considered before. It can be tough to find the perfect gift. There’s nothing wrong with a gift card or cash, however, unwrapping an item that can make everyday tasks a bit easier or bring an element of fun into someone’s life is exciting! I want to give a shout out to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation for their Annual Accessible Holiday Gift Guide. This year’s guide is one of the best I’ve ever seen. This guide has ideas for all ages and abilities. I can’t begin to describe how much fun it was to go through each page and point out items I’ve personally tried and have great memories of using. There are several items in the guide I currently have and use every day. I loved reading about ideas and products I’ve never heard of before, that I look forward to exploring further. 


I was inspired to create a short list highlighting a few products found on the School Health website, which may be just the gift you are looking for.

Giraffe Bottle Handsfree Drinking System and Giraffe Bottle Journey Hydration System

Water bottle with flexible straw. This product is great for keeping hydrated. Read more about this item in this Access Angle Product Review: Giraffe Bottle

Theragun Pro Plus

Handheld massage and vibration therapy tool. Relieves pain, helps you recover faster, treats join pain, improves mobility.


GRIP Boards, Activity Pad, GRIP Rolls, and Cat Tongue Grip

Multiple use non-slip texture material that makes almost any surface a no-slip, non-sticky place for your food, books, tablet or other daily items. Read Access Angle review of Cat Tongue Grips.


Inflatable Jump Balls and Hop Balls

Inflatable balls provide bouncing fun and aides in development of muscle strength and balance.


Fold and Go Trampoline

Small portable trampoline for ages 3 and up and holds up to 150lbs.


Color Changing Bubble Tube w/ Beads

Sensory Lamp Bubble Tube helps stimulate your senses.


Tangle Therapy

A twisty and fun way to get hand, joint and muscle therapy and stress relief all in one


Dimpl Digits

Squishy, silicone bubbles captivate fingers in a way that's impossible to put down. 


Pin Art

Board of pins creates impressions of any object with its moldable pins.


Cuddle Ball

Round sensory pillow made with the softest fabrics.


Franklin QB Cornhole

Target toss game fun for all players and brings an interesting, creative twist to your cornhole games.


Bean Bags: Canvas, Nylon, Fleece, Numbered and Franklin Bean Bag Toss Game

Assorted colors of beanbags in various materials and one target frame for a bean bag toss game.


Don’t forget to check out this Access Angle: Travel Friendly Essentials video where Dr. Ray and I discuss a few items from the list above and more great products.

These lists are great for Christmas, as well as throughout the year, for birthdays or other special occasions. The more we share great resources, the more we expand opportunities to find just the right gift!


Wishing you a very happy holiday!


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