In an emergency, time is of the essence. With the use of defibrillators, you can make every second count. With automated external defibrillator devices, you can quickly and safely send a shock to the human heart when it is in cardiac distress. They are safe to use and easy to train staff members on with their user-friendly operation.

Our selection of AEDs come from the most trusted manufacturers for consistent performance you can count on when it matters most. In addition to the trusted brands, we offer an inclusive scope of everything you will need to implement an AED program into your establishment. While we have various defibrillators for sale, we also offer pads, batteries, wall cabinets to house units, signs, and more. When it comes to adding AED devices to your health procedures, training is vital. If a person uses an AED without the proper knowledge of the device, it can lead to injury of the person facilitating, as well as make it ineffective and dangerous for the patient. With this in mind, we offer all of the essentials you need for a proper training program. We offer trainer defibrillators which will allow trainees to familiarize themselves with the devices while allowing the instructor control of the training simulation via remote access. With options for training the differences between adults and children, these devices are a great way to allow people to become comfortable with them prior to an emergency. We also offer AED and SCA educational materials such as emergency posters and laminated charts to walk untrained individuals through using an AED if needed, as well as charts about general emergencies such as what to do when someone is choking. We also offer management systems to help maintain your AED stands. From tracking individual training to FDA requirements, as well as certifications of your devices, these program management systems allow for a range of information to be conveniently organized in one location.

At School Health, we have been a source for health care related needs since 1957. With a focus on school settings that has since expanded, we aim to supply you with everything you need to keep your patients, students, and athletes safe and healthy. If you have any questions, please contact us.