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When it comes to healing muscles that have suffered trauma or injury, there are a few effective methods available. One of the best ways to heal muscle injuries is with high-quality electrotherapy products. Electrotherapy is a method that delivers an electrical current to muscles to repair and stimulate muscles to help them heal faster after injury.

A few benefits of using electrotherapy products include;

• Reduced pain by relieving tension in muscles

• Helps eliminate swelling to improve range of motion to avoid atrophy

• Reduces painful muscle spasms while helping muscle stay toned

We are pleased to offer a variety of electrotherapy products to meet your therapy needs. Choose from your choice of combo units, stimulators, and ultrasounds. We feature top brands for dependable performance and long-lasting endurance for years to come. Whether you need a larger unit or one perfect for traveling, our range of electrotherapy products has you covered. Since muscles tend to respond well to various waveforms, we offer options with multiple settings such as interferential, premodulated, high volt, Russian, symmetrical biphasic and microcurrent. While all of the units we offer feature typical state of the art controls, many models allow you to create user-specific protocols for a more personalized treatment. From the independent electrotherapy channels to the easy to operate interface, these units are all designed to be safe and easy to use. In addition to the units we offer, we also carry a range of related supplies such as electrodes, skin prepping solutions, conductive garments, ultrasound gels, and much more. Find everything you need for this helpful area of sports medicine in one convenient place with our wide selection of exceptional options.

With over 60 years of experience, School Health has been a leading source for affordable health care solutions for a range of settings including schools, child development centers, athletic complexes, and more. If you have any questions about the solutions we proudly offer or need assistance finding the right choice, we would be happy to assist you further.