For those with physical disabilities rendering physical activity a challenge, there are advances in care and technology designed to make life more manageable. We offer a range of capability switches designed to instill independence and improve self-sufficiency in individuals struggling with physical limitations.

A capability switch is a device allowing certain adapted devices to be controlled by a disabled person. Our selection of capability switches is available in various user-friendly options to meet a range of needs. One of the easiest ways to control devices for quadriplegics or others with mobility impairments is the use of capability switches utilizing a breath activated system or a chin/cheek push. We offer several options for this product including options connected to a chair or a headset. The breath activated options are easy to operate with inhales acting as on power and exhales acting as off. In addition to the breath activated switches, we also offer options designed to rest on the shoulder and allowing cheek pressure to be applied for activating devices. When looking for a speech-related capability switch, choose from several voice-activated switches that feature state of the art technology able to detect a whisper at low frequencies for a powerful assistive device. We also offer various types of sensor switches allowing devices to be controlled with a range of motions to provide improved access. For those with the ability to use their hands, we offer hand switches that are easy to push, brightly colored, and available in various sizes to fit a range of needs. Whether looking for a wireless switch or an option requiring touch sensors, we have you covered with these affordable and reliable solutions. Every option we offer has been manufactured with the highest standards for dependable and long-lasting performance.

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