When it comes to vision care in a school setting, there are guidelines for each state. While some are more general in terms of the care given, other states are adamant about meeting certain suggested guidelines and regulations. When you need state-specific vision screening products, we offer options for select states. These state-specific vision screening products are designed to meet standards and regulations in Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our selection of state-specific vision screening products for select states offers an all-encompassing set of products for vision care. With kits designed to address a range of vision test needs and abilities, these state-specific vision screening products allow you to implement a vision screening system into your school or child development center with ease and affordability. Kits include pertinent items such as occluder glasses, letter charts, near vision charts, color vision testers, hyperopia glasses, spaced distance charts, proportional symbols charts, and more, depending on the state and kit chosen. Kits include everything you need to meet state standards all conveniently housed within a carrying case for testing that goes where you need it. We offer options for both elementary guidelines and middle school-aged and teen guidelines to address various stages of vision development needs and concerns. From acuity to distance abilities, these items for vision screening cover a scope of vision needs at an affordable price. Vision screening items are made to meet not only state standards but also the high standards of the staff using them. They are made to be long-lasting and easy to navigate for both the student and the person administering the eye exam. From preschool binocular acuity tests to flip chart vision cards, find everything you need with our diverse selection of state-approved products.

At School Health, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your setting. With a wide selection of trusted options, we are confident you will find the right choice. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly staff would be happy to help in any way.