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Audiometers and Hearing Kits


There are many ways to track progress with young patients or students. From test scores designed to gauge their problem-solving skills to physical tests for measuring ability, growth at a healthy rate can be quantified in several ways. When it comes to monitoring healthy abilities in the area of hearing, audiometers and hearing kits are the perfect solution. While hearing development is usually completely formed while inside the womb, it doesn’t mean hearing ability doesn’t go through changes. Hearing loss can happen at any age and may be gradual or more rapid, depending on the individual. With the use of high-quality audiometers and hearing kits, find the signs of hearing loss early for the best-case scenario for your students or patients.

We offer a wide selection of affordable audiometers and hearing kits for your setting. These options are made of the highest professional standards for a tool that will make testing and diagnosing hearing disorders easier for both the patient and the professional administering the tests. With a focus on testing the entire spectrum of hearing acuity, these audiometers and hearing kits work for a range of ages and concerns. Designed to be easy to use, most options are battery operated with the option of an adapter cord, lightweight without sacrificing durability, built to last, and feature a carrying case for easy transportation from one testing location to the next. Many options are also available in several languages to accommodate a wide scope of diversity needs. In addition to being accurate and useful, these testing devices are also designed to be relatively quick with certain models offering a comprehensive reading in under two minutes. When you need fast, reliable hearing testers at an affordable price, find everything you need with our large selection of trusted brands.

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