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Technology has become a large component of the modern classroom. EnableMart provides assistive technology devices to suit a wide variety of disabilities, challenges, and budgets. Explore our extensive selection of visual display solutions and audio visual displays. Find headphones, electronic copyboards, stereos, interactive software, portable picture-card systems, and so much more. When you have the right tools, inspiring student engagement and interaction can become an exciting opportunity. Project a diagram of the weather or get the whole class involved with storyboarding by supplying multi-sensory instruction. Find everything you need for your classroom or at-home educational experience to succeed.

Our wide selection of audio visual displays includes several varieties of headphones, so you can easily transform your lessons into interactive experiences. We proudly offer noise-cancelling headphones designed specifically for school and library environments, allowing students to remain focused and avoid distractions. These headphones are especially suited for students or individuals with hearing impairments because they provide enhanced sound quality and speech clarity to make it easier to isolate and hear key words, tones, and inflections. We also carry headphones designed specifically for literacy applications, ear training, music appreciation, and maximum protection against exterior sounds. Complete headsets include unidirectional microphones for tutorials, language learning, and isolated vocalized feedback.

Whether your student or client is developing phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, or other essential skills, your classroom or therapy office can benefit by investing in one of our state-of-the-art stereo systems. These reliable devices feature cassette and CD capability with full digital controls and recessed speakers for lasting quality. Our selection of visual display solutions includes portable picture-card systems designed to teach and assess basic language skills and academic concepts. While picture-card systems are great for one-to-one instruction, copyboards allow the whole class to get involved. Project large images without reflection or glare while writing on the surface to create visually stimulating and annotated lessons.

Help keep your students or children on task and excited about learning by exploring our quality selection of visual display solutions and audio visual displays. We offer affordable solutions to create a well-rounded educational experience. If you have any questions regarding our inventory, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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