Although modern curriculums are slowly placing emphasis on mathematics, science, and other analytical subjects, valuable skills such as reading and writing are more important than ever. Without the ability to read, your students or children may lag significantly behind his or her peers in other subjects. Reading helps children acquire a rich vocabulary, a cognitive understanding of real-world situations and differences, as well as well as healthy ways of expressing emotions and concepts. We offer a comprehensive selection of reading tools and reading aids so you can transform your classroom into an encouraging environment for your young readers. Find top-of-the-line curriculum units, reading software, story activities, assistive reading technology, screening assessments, photo cards, games, and so much more. Get your students excited about reading, and you can introduce them to the wonders of writing and communication.

Assistive technology is an extremely useful tool for creating interactive experiences in the comfort of your own classroom. Explore our wide selection of high-tech reading aids, including click-to-read stories, portable reading pens, voice recording systems for story narration, cognitive and linguistic development for adolescents and adult readers, and much more. Our wide range of state-of-the-art reading pens are portable and powerful hand-held reading tools that scan your student’s text to immediately provide beginning readers with instant word definitions as well as spelling and pronunciation support. These assistive tools are ideal for students of a second language who may have reading difficulties.

Our diverse curriculum units promote early literacy by providing activities with explicit instruction for speech, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, daily living, and socialization skills. Introduce your students to rhyming words, animal identification, counting skills, or discussion topics using classic, favorite stories we guarantee they will love. Don’t forget the games! Our selection of interactive reading games includes sentence-building dominoes, story cubes, as well as story-starting card decks that encourage narrative, expository, persuasive, description, and other kinds of writing.

EnableMart is the worldwide leader in assistive technology and products, supplying more than 3,000 devices from over 200 manufacturers. Explore our excellent selection of reading aids today to find the tools you need for your students to succeed, regardless of their abilities and reading levels. If you have any questions about our inventory, please contact a member of our team today for further assistance.