Padded Clothing


Sports related injuries are one of the most common types of injuries among children, teens, and young adults. With the use of padded clothing during practice and game time, you can drastically reduce the injuries student-athletes sustain on the field. Most injuries happen to muscle groups in areas such as upper leg, chest, stomach, and bicep areas receiving direct impacts during contact sports. When an athlete wears the right padded clothing, they are protected not only from future injuries but also preventing existing injuries from taking on further damage of a repeated impact.

We offer a wide selection of padded clothing for sports purposes. We offer both shirts and shorts in various styles and sizes to accommodate a range of needs. All of the padded clothing we offer was designed with protection in mind and features variations in the level of protection available. For example, shirts are available with pads protecting a specific area such as the ribs only or they may offer multiple areas of protection including ribs, shoulders, chest, and spine for even further safeguard against impact. While protection is the focus of these articles of sportswear, they are also designed with the overall needs of athletes in mind for a comfortable choice. They are made from lightweight materials with moisture wicking properties in a compression style to keep athletes dry and comfortable. Shirts and shorts featuring padded protection are available in various styles. From long sleeve options for playing in cooler weather to V-necks to accommodate a football uniform, you are sure to find the option that is best for your needs. With football being one of the most high-impact sports played by young athletes, we have several football style padded shorts to minimize impact on leg muscles and the hip area. Whether in need of padded garments for football, baseball, or basketball, these options are built to last with durable materials that won’t stretch or tear even with rugged movement. Add one of these reliable solutions to your next season.

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