For those with differing abilities in terms of vision, there are products specifically designed to meet their unique needs. With the right braille products, you can ensure all your students have the chance to succeed at their education goals.

We offer a diverse selection of braille products from trusted manufacturers such as Perkins, American Thermoform, and others. Every product offered in this selection features the best in technological advancement combined with the reliable performance expected of these innovative brands. Choose from such essential braille products as braille translation devices, displays, papers, and more. From braille embossers to braille notetakers, find everything your need to encourage access to education for all of your students. A few examples of the high-quality design and function of these options can be seen in the braillers. They feature easy to press buttons perfect for children with small hands or adults with weakened hand capabilities, dust covers to protect the device, ability to accommodate papers of various widths, and other thoughtful design elements that make them a versatile and necessary item. We even offer innovative advancements in braillers such as models that allow the teacher to see on a screen the information the student is typing in braille. In addition to these devices, we also carry a variety of braille paper needs. Choose from such necessities as standard continuous feed paper and what is known as swell touch paper, which allows for the creation of maps and diagrams for adaptable lessons for those with differing vision abilities. With these state of the art braille products, learning the language of braille, as well as improving communication between students and teachers, has never been more accessible.

teachers, has never been more accessible. At School Health, we have spent the last 60 years as your source for a range of affordable school related solutions. We offer one of the most diverse inventories available to ensure you always find the perfect product for your needs. If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you further in any way.