Interactive Session: Combining Assistive Technologies to Foster Learning

Join Dr. Raymond T. Heipp for an interactive session on ways that assistive technology can enhance learning and improve therapy sessions. Explore topics like innovations in assistive technology, ADA compliant interactive learning, and creating a more holistic approach for educating those with differing abilities.

This session is designed to encourage every day achievements and to discover new ways that support ongoing development.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the research behind assistive technology to understand the role that it plays in adaptive learning, therapy, and improving daily life activities for those with differing abilities.
  • Identify how specific types of assistive technology function with specific needs.
  • Receive hands-on learning with various types of assistive technology products – including switches, sensory feedback tools, music therapy, and even interactive devices like the TAPit, and ProxTalker.
  • Participate in open forum discussions with groups who use assistive technology in the field. You can even use ideas gained here to begin to design your own action plan.

About These Sessions

  • On-site, hosted at your facility.
  • 0.3 CEUs will be provided through Ashland University. Other CEUs may be available, contact us about your specific need.
  • Locations and schedules may vary based on presenter availability.
  • Portions of the session can be customized to cover the assistive technology products that are already available to you.
  • Sessions may run 2 -4 hours depending on session customization.
  • No cost to attend.

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Bio for Dr. Heipp

Raymond T. Heipp, Ph.D. is a 25+ year veteran of administration and classrooms for special needs students. He has designed many support programs for various schools and facilities. And, his expertise in assistive technology has enabled him to create updated approaches when working with students and educators. Dr. Heipp firmly believes that everyone, no matter what their ability, has a voice (or spirit) and deserves a chance to succeed. He suggests that we never doubt their abilities!

“All individuals have an inner voice that brings much to this world. Unfortunately, there are some who are not as easily able to express that inner voice due to having differing abilities from others. I work with schools, hospitals, and businesses to create the best solutions for every individual to share that voice.” - Dr. Heipp

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