Check My Ear Acoustic Otoscope

The only device that utilizes spectral gradient acoustic reflectometry (SGAR Technology) to measure middle ear effusion in seconds.
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Product Description

The Check My Ear Pro-PEC3 provides an easy-to-use, economic alternative to Tympanometry, when determining the presence or absence of middle-ear effusion (MEE). Utilizes Spectral Gradient Acoustic Reflectometry (SGAR) technology to quickly obtain a reading. FDA cleared Class II medical device. All ages. Uses 2 AA batteries. 

Product Benefits

  • Aids in the diagnostic process of Otitis Media
  • Better information for practitioners to manage and prevent antibiotic overuse. 
  • Provides an in-office, reimbursable procedure for the healthcare facility.
  • Easy to transfer results to EMR for billing verification
  • Provides a quick, accurate reading of middle ear fluid
  • It's easy to use on infants, children, and adults
  • Does not require the patient to be still during the test.
  • Easy to interpret results displayed clearly on LED screen

Each monitor purchase includes a bag of 100 disposable tips, a USB cord, a verification tube, and 2 AA batteries.

Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No