Electropalatography In The Speech Clinic

Arnell A. Brady, Speech-Language PathologistArnell A. Brady, Speech-Language Pathologist

Electropalatography (EPG) coupled with advanced computer technology has given the practice of speech-language pathology the opportunity to access visual information related to tongue contact movements during speech production in an inexpensive and safe manner.

Revolutionizing Speech-language Pathology with Technology

Speech-Language Pathology has never had access to this visual information in the past without costly and dangerous x-ray or fluroscopy. The utilization of EPG in the speech-language pathology clinic has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of speech sound production disorders. It has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of accent modification. In addition, it has increased the demand for communication enhancement training for the normal speaking population.

Have the Ability to See What You Speak

EPG has provided a window for the clinician and the participant to view the movements of their tongue in the mouth during speech production efforts. The access to this visual information in real time during speech production has stimulated and increased a kind of spatial intelligence which enables greater control of tongue movements and shaping, thereby, producing more accurate speech.

Say Goodbye to the Guesswork

Gone are the days when the major basic clinical instrumentation for speech analysis and correction was the oscillograph, digital spectrograph, tape recorder, video camera, tongue blades and speech mirrors. With those instruments clinicians and participants had to make educated guesses about what the tongue was doing during speech production efforts. It was like the tongue was inside a windowless box and could not be seen. The clinician and the participant had to rely upon speculation concerning tongue movement.

Now, EPG gives visual information concerning tongue movement and shaping in real time in a safe and inexpensive manner. EPG is stimulating the brain to be a more powerful and effective mechanism as it adds visual information to auditory and tactile information. EPG is leading the way to better speech.