Health Ready - 6th Grade to High School Health CurriculumHealth Ready - 6th Grade to High School Health Curriculum

Develop Quality Health and Wellness Habits with FAB 5!

Transform the way you teach health and wellness with our FAB 5 programs! Designed to empower educators and inspire students, FAB 5 offers a comprehensive approach to instilling healthy habits and active lifestyles.

Discover the Fab 5 Programs:

After School Program - Engage students with fun movement-based activities while teaching vital nutrition, fitness, and health concepts. Perfect for activity leaders, daycare providers, after school and organized youth programs.

Physical Activity Program - Designed for classroom teachers who want to introduce nutrition, fitness, and health concepts using activity-based lessons.

Early Learner Fitness (ELF) - Engage little learners from PK-2 with our dynamic blend of academics and physical activity. Learn how to teach healthy habits, fitness, nutrition, literacy, and match skills through fun activities, fostering whole-brain learning and developmental growth.

Brain and Body Boosts - When energy levels dip, our fast fitness programs are perfect for classroom activity breaks! No equipment is needed, and they can be done right in the classroom without any desk rearrangement. These energizing breaks are essential for enhancing cognitive performance, concentration, and overall fitness levels!

PEACE Program - Empower your counselors, classroom, and PE/Health teachers to instruct social and emotional concepts creatively and effectively. These activity-oriented lessons keep kids engaged, moving, and improving their fitness while mastering crucial social and emotional skills.

FAB 5 Programs include:

  • Detailed unit guides and lesson plans
  • Easy-to-use format for all lessons and activities
  • Student content introductions written in age-appropriate language
  • Formative assignments aligned with content to check for understanding of each lesson
  • Dynamic content aligned with national and state standards

Unlock the power of FAB 5 programs to nurture holistic health and wellness in students!

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