Financial Strategies for Planning Your Vision Screening Program

As we consider ways to keep students' health and wellness in mind during these challenging COVID-19 times, we have worked to gather resources to support you with creative financial strategies to help you get ready for vision screenings this fall.

In this webinar you will learn you will learn strategies to overcome budget restrictions and administrative hurdles to purchasing an instrument-based vision screener, how to determine the return on investment, cost savings for management, and alternative resources (grants, sponsors, fundraising, leasing) to facilitate the purchase of an instrument-based vision screener.

About the Presenter:

Mary Ellen Barkman is the Medicaid Coordinator for Pinellas County Schools (PCS) in Largo, Florida. PCS is the 8th largest district in Florida and 27th out of more than 16,000 districts in the United States. Ms. Barkman has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She is Certified in Balance and Dizziness Disorders from the University of Miami, trained in Neurodevelopmental Techniques and certified in Early Intervention through the University of Florida. She was a co-speaker at the 2017 National Alliance in Medicaid Conference where she highlighted how Medicaid billing in schools directly impacts student outcomes.

Chelsea Elliott learned the importance of health screenings when she was just four years old. After failing a vision screening at her daycare, Chelsea found out she was permanently blind in her left eye. Two years later, a failed hearing screening at her elementary school revealed that Chelsea was deaf in her right ear. In fourth grade, Chelsea learned about Helen Keller and surmised “I’m half-blind and half-deaf; I’m Half Helen” – a name that would come to characterize her life’s work.

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