School Health Corp. Closes Focused Fitness Acquisition

September 30, 2021

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. - School Health Corporation announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Focused Fitness, a creator of health and physical education curricula for grades K-12. Started in 2002 and based in Spokane, Washington, Focused Fitness strives to provide students with sensible fitness, health, and activity programs. It has also changed the dynamics of Physical Education by creating a curriculum that teaches fitness and health concepts without sacrificing movement or activity.

“With the acquisition of Focused Fitness, we will become a resource in the Physical Education community by being able to provide quality, evidenced-based curricula and programs as well as physical education supplies,” said Rob Rogers, School Health President.

In 2017, School Health acquired Palos Sports, a distributor of Physical Education and sports equipment. The acquisition of Focused Fitness will provide new growth opportunities and broaden School Health’s offerings in the Physical Education market.

“I’m very excited to know that Focused Fitness and our work will live on, and that it is with School Health,” said Karen Cowan, Focused Fitness CEO and co-founder. “They are genuinely a great group of people whose mission and vision are very closely aligned with Focused Fitness’ vision and mission. The synergies between the two companies will surely guarantee success for both of us.”

Focused Fitness offers unique curricula, instructional materials, professional development and software. The programs include Five for Life®, FAB 5®, WELNET® and Health READY®. WELNET® software provides the ability to collect and report student data related to fitness and health. Not only do these programs help kids stay active, but they also aim to teach key concepts like managing fitness, how fitness relates to overall health, and the role of good nutrition.

“Being a part of School Health means that Focused Fitness will have the resources and support to impact the health and wellness of students in a way that was impossible before,” said Ron Malm, Focused Fitness COO and co-founder.

Both Cowan and Malm have a background in physical education and a passion for teaching students how to live healthier lives. They realized that students needed the opportunity to learn how they could better manage their lives through physical activity and nutrition.

“We knew that for students to love physical activity they needed to understand how to be fit and healthy and have the skills necessary to be confident and competent in the physical activities they choose to do,” Cowan said. “We knew we had to provide teachers the resources they needed to give their students the knowledge and skills necessary to be fit and active for life.”

Rogers also said that he appreciates both founders are accomplished PE teachers and that they both have a passion for providing quality physical education curriculum to students and educators.

“School Health and Focused Fitness share many of the same core values and I believe our company cultures are similar, so I am excited to have them as part of our family. I am also thrilled for the new business opportunities as we continue to work with, Ron, Karen and their team,” Rogers said.

About School Health Corporation

Founded in 1957, School Health Corporation has been dedicated to helping school-based health professionals keep their students, staff, and community healthy. As a national, full-service provider of health supplies and services, School Health’s comprehensive offering includes health supplies, sports medicine equipment, physical education equipment, early childhood products, and special needs aids. School Health goes beyond merely supplying products by also providing product support, training, advisory services, and exceptional customer care.

About Focused Fitness

Focused Fitness has been providing evidence-based curricula to school districts, teachers, and students since 2002, when a group of Physical Educators banded together to change the dynamics of Physical Education. The product of their efforts are programs that support student health and wellness. This is accomplished by linking activity, health, fitness, fun, and personal achievement together to provide everyone with the opportunity to be successful.

About Jackim Woods & Company

Rich Jackim, Jackim Woods & Company, advises School Health Corporation on its corporate development activities and arranged the transaction. Jackim Woods & Company provides financial advisory services on mergers and acquisitions to clients nationwide.