Heart Zones Blink 3.0+ Curriculum Smart Pack

Meet your digital students where they are with the Heart Zones Move Solution for physical education and health. Provides real-time feedback with multiple sensors for engagement and motivation so students can achieve their fitness goals. Track heart rate, steps, MVPA, calories, distance, speed, time in zones, step rate, and step intensity – real data for objective grading and assessments.
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Product Description

The center pieces of the System are the Heart Zones Blink Armband and the “Big Board”. The first comfortable heart rate sensor that is worn on the forearm. The “Big Board” provides real time feedback that motivates and inspires students to exercise.


The Hearts Zones PE app extends for you the possibility providing real time fitness data that allows for the assessment as well as to increase the quality and quantity of your PE programs. The System uses Bridge-WASP ANT+ technology that can provide greater range and reliability than Bluetooth low power (BLE) based group heart rate systems. The Bridge- WASP technology also allows simultaneous collection of data from an unlimited number of ANT+ devices concurrently.


All data is captured and stored within a cloud server-data storage system. Reports, using any of the data, can be developed. Two reports are standard, which show Time in Zone, peak heart rate, elapsed time, average heart rate, steps, pace and the heart rate graph or profile. Summary reports can be emailed to students and parents with the push of a button.


Why is group heart rate systems important to Physical Education?

Engage and motivate students
Meets the digital student where they are today
Achieve competency using wearables
Motivate health maintenance by deploying technology
Develop healthy decision-making
Integrate data into individual’s fitness plans
Individualize the program using assessments to show progress Grade based on data
Students learn to assess their performance

Group Heart Rate Monitoring features include:

  • Track heart rate and steps all in one sensor
  • Apple iOS app based, requires Apple iPad
  • Have multiple students’ profiles assigned to unlimited numbers of classes
  • Monitor unlimited number of students
  • Reports that are emailed to participants automatically
  • Wireless – no docking stations and no waiting in lines to download
  • Use indoors or outdoors – small and mobile – range up to 100 yards when used with multiple Bridges-WASP
  • Open system, compatible with sensors of 160 different manufactures including Garmin, Timex, and others
  • Affordable, one time software fee with free updates and upgrades – Future Proof


The Curriculum Smart Packs Includes:

  • Heart Zones curriculum
  • Blink 3.0 Armband Sensors
  • 4 sets of Blink 3.0 elastic bands per sensor
  • Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station
  • Heart Zones Bridge
  • 28 Port Charging Hub
  • Plastic Storage Cases
  • Zoning Cards and Wall Charts
  • Heart Zones PE Software, one-time license fee (no yearly fees)
  • Installation Consulting
  • iPad not included
Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No