MegaChewlery Bracelets, Set of 7

MegaChewlery provides great oral-motor stimulating activity, with stronger material for heavy chewers.

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Product Description

Double the strength and size of the original Chewelry, for heavy chewers. Satisfy cravings to chew and allow children to focus and pay attention with fashionable, non-toxic, chewable jewelry. Coil design provides sensory input to the mouth, lips, and tongue. Helps redirect kids from chewing on clothes, pencils, or non-food objects, while letting them work through their chewing tendencies.

Appropriate for teething children and as an oral-motor stimulating device. Rubbery feel and springy design are great for a quiet fidget.

Made of non-toxic, high quality FDA approved materials. Does not contain phthalates, lead, or BPA. Set of 7 bracelets, each 2-1/4”, in blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, and white.

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Choking Hazard No
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