PALOS MX-100™ Composite Basketballs

Elevate your students’ game with our newest addition to the court – the PALOS MX-100 Composite Basketball. Crafted with a soft composite leather cover, deep channels, and pebbled texture, these balls promise unmatched grip and control. Designed for durability and performance, they're the ultimate choice for schools, parks, camps, and youth groups seeking top-tier quality with budget-friendly prices.
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Product Description


  • Exceptional Value: PALOS MX-100 Composite Basketballs redefine the standards of performance and affordability. Available in three sizes – Junior (size 5), Intermediate (size 6), and Official (size 7) – our composite basketballs cater to the needs of budding athletes.
  • Superior Grip: These balls deliver a premium feel and superior grip, ensuring precise ball handling and enhanced control for players of all skill levels. The deep channels and pebbled texture further optimize grip, empowering young athletes to dribble, shoot, and pass with confidence.
  • Built for Longevity: Our composite basketballs feature a durable butyl bladder and sturdy nylon windings, guaranteeing consistent performance even after countless hours of play. Whether used in school gymnasiums, recreation centers, summer camps, or youth leagues, these balls withstand the rigors of regular use, making them a reliable choice for coaches, educators, and recreational coordinators alike.

Product Features:

  • PU/TPU Leather Composite Cover: Water resistant, non-slip
  • Butyl Bladder: Stable pressure, maximum air retention
  • Nylon Winding: Provides structural integrity and durability
  • HQ Liner: Provides additional structure, shape, and protection
Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No