Palos Sports and Focused Fitness to Unite Under School Health Physical Education

(November 4, 2022)

On January 1, 2023, Palos Sports will become School Health Physical Education. At the end of this year, the Palos Sports website will sun set and visitors will be redirected to Customers are now able to shop all existing and new Palos Sports physical education equipment on the School Health website.

“It is exciting to be a part of a company that has the technology and resources to take Palos to the next level,” said Dan Dunne, Executive Advisor and former president of Palos Sports. “Our customers can now experience professional development training, Ecommerce Punchouts, increased trade shows, new product development, expanded customer service, sales, and support.”

Later in 2023, Focused Fitness curriculum and products will also be available to shop from School Health. However, the Focused Fitness website will remain active so that customers can continue to access their online teaching software, such as WELNET.

School Health acquired Palos Sports in 2017 and Focused Fitness in 2021. By uniting the two brands, the company aims to better serve its customers and help them discover even more innovative solutions that will allow students to learn to the best of their abilities.

“Bringing Palos Sports and Focused Fitness together under School Health Physical Education has created true synergy,” Rob Rogers, School Health President said. “PE teachers who implemented curricula from Focused Fitness in the past can now access their PE equipment all from the same place.”

Since Physical Education customers will now be able to visit School Health for all their PE equipment needs, they will also have easier access to shop from the company’s other segments, including Health Services, Special Education, and Sports Medicine.

“Bringing the two brands under one name will make it easier for customers to access the products they desire and remove any uncertainty of where to go to purchase equipment, curriculum, training, and software,” said Ron Malm, Focused Fitness President.

Additionally, School Health plans to continue growing their presence in the PE market in 2023 and beyond by adding professional development resources to help Physical Education teachers advance their skills, traits, and competencies. The company’s physical education team is also working on enhancing some of the Focused Fitness curricula.

“I believe the future of School Health Physical Education is one where all educators will know that when they are looking for the best curriculum, professional development, software and equipment, School Health has it all,” Malm said.

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