School Health Corporation and B4 Brands Announce Poster Contest Winners

HANOVER PARK, IL, February 7, 2010 — School Health Corporation and B4 Brands announced, today, the winners of their second annual jointly sponsored nationwide poster contest, called Be Wise... Sanitize. The Be Wise... Sanitize poster contest capped off a combined effort to instruct and encourage proper hand hygiene in school age children across the country. Over 100 schools participated and over 3,000 poster entries were received from students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

"With over 3,000 entries and so many talented artists, selecting one winner from each grade division was a very difficult process. It was truly a pleasure to observe the creativity of all of the students who participated," said Jo Sedlacek-Harman, Marketing Manager for B4 Brands. In addition to all of the artwork we received for this year's contest, one sixth grade student from St. Nicholas of Tolentine School in Philadelphia also expressed what proper hand hygiene means to her, through the following poem:

"Avant Hand Sanitizer"

There are five things that you can do, which really help prevent the flu.
When you come in right after you play, wash your hands right away. 
Don't put your hands near your eyes, or else you might get a sty. 
Don't share your food or your snacks. That is how the flu attacks. 
Don't use your hands to wipe your nose, use tissues instead so germs don't grow. 
Don't share drinks or the same glass, or germs will spread really fast. 
If you follow some of these handy tips, you can avoid a doctor's trip!

Participating schools were asked to teach students about proper hand hygiene and the use of hand sanitizers in order to minimize the spread of illnesses. Students were then asked to design a poster illustrating proper hand hygiene and when it should be performed. "My Art Club students were excited about participating in the Avant Poster Contest. Students in fourth and fifth grade were very creative when thinking about ways to express to the viewer, the importance of proper hand hygiene. I believe participation in this contest really helped to remind students on my campus the importance of clean hands and proper washing techniques," said Sherry White from Bauerschlag Elementary in League City, Texas.

Entries were divided into school grade divisions of K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 with one winner from each division. Posters were judged on their ability to illustrate proper hand hygiene, neatness and creativity. For participating, each school received a package of Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer products. The three schools with winning entries received $500 in free Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer products. Individual student winners each received a $25 VISA gift card.

The K-5th grade winner was Haley, a 4th grade student representing Franklin School in South Plainfield, New Jersey. A 6th grader named Willie at Burroughs Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio, won in the 6-8th grade division. The 9-12th grade division winner was Carly, a freshman, at Nation Ford High School in Ft. Mills, South Carolina. These winners will receive their awards during a personal visit from their School Health Corporation representative later this month. "Studies demonstrate that the use of hand sanitizers can reduce absenteeism by as much as 50%. School Health is proud to offer schools a hand sanitizer which clinically effective, environmentally sustainable, and economically priced," said Rob Rogers, Vice President of School Health Corporation.