School Health Corp. Launches New AED Compliance Software

June 1, 2022

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill – Today, School Health Corporation announced the launch of its new software platform, SH Connect. This platform, which was developed by the company over the last year, aims to help schools across the country ensure that their AED systems are compliant and ready to use if an emergency occurs.

“The best intentions are there when people buy AEDs and place them, but it’s something that has to be maintained and kept up to date,” said Kyle Hill, Director of Customer Success. “It’s complicated to do and maintain on your own, so we hope to make that easier.”

Hill, who has 15 years of experience in AED management systems and spent 13 years as a paramedic, said that he was disappointed in the fact that many schools do not have the resources they need to maintain their AEDs, considering that cardiac arrests happen more often than most people would think.

“With this platform, we’re proactively providing oversight and support to ensure that schools are compliant with local state and federal requirements surrounding AED programs, as well as ensuring that AEDs are well maintained and always ready for use,” he said.

The software can be accessed through a desktop version as well as a mobile app, allowing ease of use to every member in an organization, including teachers, administrators, and school staff. The platform is also integrated with the AED Law Center, so users can easily find the most current information about federal and state AED requirements. It also features completely customizable reports; letting users organize and view the information they want to see.

As SH Connect continues to grow, both Hill and School Health’s president, Rob Rogers, are excited about future additions to the program that will help the software become more than just a compliance tool. These additions include integration with School Health’s most recent acquisition, Focused Fitness, and their physical education software WELNET®, as well as ways to track the service and maintenance of vision screeners, and epinephrine management.

“We’re looking for innovative ways we can engage with our customers at a deeper level and provide services outside of just products. We want to really tie in our catalog offerings with the software and services we provide,” Rogers said. “SH Connect, at launch, is just the beginning of a platform that will help schools operate smoothly.”

As School Health looks ahead to the next 10 years, software and program development is a crucial part of the company’s initiatives for growth as well.

“Creating a platform like SH Connect and adding more software options to our offerings falls right in line with our mission to support the health and safety of students, staff, and their communities so everyone can learn and perform to the best of their abilities,” Rogers said. “With this platform, our goal is to make the whole process of building management, compliance, and school safety easier by really adding as much value as we can for our end users.”

To learn more about purchasing SH Connect for your organization, school, or district please contact your School Health Sales Representative or email

To learn more about SH Connect, click here.

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