Spenco 2nd Skin

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SPENCO Hydrogel 2nd Skin pads is a revolutionary hydrogel dressing that helps protect against blisters, pressure and friction.
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27061 Spenco 2nd Skin 3" Circles, Non-Sterile, 48/jar
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27060 Spenco 2nd Skin 1" x 1" Non-Sterile, 200/jar
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27062 Spenco 2nd Skin 3" X 6-1/2" Non-Sterile 2/Package
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27120 Spenco 2nd Skin 2" x 3" Sterile 4/Package
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27119 Spenco 2nd Skin 3" x 4" Sterile 3/Package
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27121 Spenco 2nd Skin 1-1/2" x 2" Sterile 6/Package
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