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"I would like to praise School Health for their consistent delivery of high quality products and support to school nurses and schools. Any questions I have ever had were promptly answered by customer support. If there were exchanges of products or returns, there has never been an occasion where it became an issue. School Health reps always have said "we'll take care of it"! I have especially enjoyed and felt supported by Joanne Nicholas and Kristi Leahy.

I have tried other suppliers, but School Health provides support, products that are reliable and of good quality. I have found less expensive items, but again, 3 inexpensive bandaids cost more than the one that sticks.

A time saving service is being able to obtain some prescription medications, which eliminates going to the pharmacies after hours on my own time.

The training for vision testers and hearing equipment has been a plus. Getting the equipment up-to-date eliminated many unnecessary purchases of slides we did not need. The packaging of the slides per state standards has been very helpful.

As a school nurse for the past 28 years, School Health is my choice for school medical equipment and supplies."

- Sandra M., CSN M.Ed, Lebanon, PA

"In our industry time is of the essence. We could have a variety of medical supply needs at any given time and cannot afford to wait on goods and services. What separates School Health - Sports Medicine from the rest is the fast and accurate service. Since our relationship's inception, School Health - Sports Medicine has never failed us. We trust they will keep us informed with the new tools of the industry and keeping up with the needs of Athletic Trainers. With School Health - Sports Medicine, our sports medicine needs are always met expeditiously and accurately."

- Tom Reed, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer

"School Health is our primary source for clinic supplies.  Health Services supplies 27 school clinics, who serve approximately 19,000 students, with over 100 different items from alcohol to water cups.  With a question, a price quote, or an order, our emails are almost always answered within the day, often within minutes.  Price is our main concern and School Health has proven to make their pricing as good if not better than any competitor.  Shipping has been accurate and surprisingly fast, 2-3 days usually.  We highly recommend School Health to any district trying to improve efficiency, accuracy, support and especially cost expenditures!"

- Georgene W., SNOO President, Health Services Coordinator & Cindy D., Health Services Secretary, Oklahoma City, OK

"I like the ease of ordering, I am able to order on the go, whether I am traveling with a team, or at practice." I get confirmation of the order in just a few moments."

- Phil V. MSEd, ATC/L, Assistant Athletic Director

"School Health Corporation is highly efficient from start to finish.  District Manager, Joanne Nicholas, is one step ahead in her thinking about what Marple Newtown will need to provide up to date health care to all our students and be in compliance with state mandates.  Joanne not only introduces these new products to the nurses, but is knowledgeable about their use and maintenance as well.  Joanne is efficient and gracious in providing us with answers to our many questions about School Health products.  I enjoy doing business with her. 

Once we have decided on what to order, it is always a pleasure to deal with the polite and accommodating Customer Care representative in Hanover Park, IL, especially Gail Kinateder and Melanie Plaza.  They provide us with competitive price quotes, place orders and are always there to answer any questions. 

The orders are then delivered promptly.  The contents of the sometimes 50 boxes and thousands of items are exactly as ordered.   School Health’s efficiency even extends to their warehouse. 

I am delighted to have discovered School Health Corporation, Joanne and her staff.    Our district looks forward to ordering health room supplies from them for many years to come."

-Catherine B., BSN, M.Ed

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how absolutely PLEASED I am with the way School Health - Sports Medicine has taken care of me already!  The main things that I have been impressed with are the speed in which you get back to me with answers to questions I have had, and the speed in which the order gets quoted, filled, and shipped to me.  I was in a complete panic two weeks ago because I had three weeks until football, and had not placed my order.  Not only did I get my order in and have a quote, but it was shipped that week, and I got the majority of my shipment in on the next Monday.   With some of the other suppliers I have worked with, the things on back order seem to take months to get, I believe that at this point, I have received my ENTIRE order, and still have time to spare before the student athletes get here!!

Thanks Mike, to you and School Health - Sports Medicine for making my supply ordering process go smoothly and quickly!!  The way I have been treated, and the quickness and effectiveness of the ordering process will not only be the main reasons that I will continue to go to School Health - Sports Medicine for my sports medicine supplies, but they are also the reasons that I keep spreading the word about you guys!   Looking forward to continuing working with you!"

- Elisabeth U., LAT, ATC, WI

"I am the School Health Consultant for the 8 Coastal Health District Counties.  As such, I deal with approximately 150 public and private schools and School Nurses.

After developing an initial list of varied supplies – roughly a dozen different items, I contacted 3 – 4 school health vendors to “test the waters”.  Some prices were less than School Health’s, but other aspects of the contacts were less “comfortable”.  After receiving the initial responses, I was impressed with Damian’s attention to detail – my details, and his strong respect for customer service.  My questions were pensive, and it became obvious that I wasn’t in a hurry to order – but I was in a hurry to nail down good, solid prices.  Damian was extremely patient, very quick to respond on my behalf, and always quick to agree to any changes without any complaints, or even heavy sighs!

By the time I came to the point of being ready to place my order, it turned out to be fairly large – remember I was ordering for about 160 schools.  To paraphrase the Bible, don’t bother trusting anybody with your big order, if they can’t treat you right with the small one.  Damian treated me right for about 3 months when he couldn’t really be sure how much I really was going to order – with utmost courtesy, respect, and professionalism, even though it was a lot of checking and getting back with me via whatever route I needed at the time.  For that, I trusted Damian with everything I needed that School Health could provide!"

- Marsha P., RN, BSN

"School Health - Sports Medicine does big business with a personal touch. They always have the products we need at an affordable price and they deliver them to us quickly. School Health - Sports Medicine does a great job keeping up with new trends and the latest innovative products which allow us to give great care to our athletes."

- Scott O., Assistant Athletic Trainer

"School Health has been a great discovery and we are absolutely delighted with this company.  Brian is always available to answer any questions and is very knowledgeable about School Health products. He also gives helpful recommendations when needing to decipher which product is superior for the same price such as various types of vision screeners.

On occasion, I have also called School Health via their toll-free number. Their customer service is outstanding and the wait is never long to reach a customer service agent. They are helpful and accommodating.

The rewards program is also a bonus. Last year I was able to trade in rewards points for nice scrub jackets for my nursing staff for School Nurse Appreciation Day. It’s a great benefit in addition to their free shipping, quality products, and competitive prices.

In giving School Health a try, I’m certain you’ll find that they can’t be beat! They are a one-stop shop."

-  Kathy E., MSN, RN

"My University and School Health - Sports Medicine began doing business in 1984 and, 25 years later, School Health - Sports Medicine continues to be our major supplier of sports medicine products. During this time, School Health - Sports Medicine has always made customer satisfaction and quality their top priority. I believe their goal has been to provide the best products, education and innovative ideas for sports and health care providers at a competitive price. Honesty and integrity is their modus operandi. School Health - Sports Medicine provides personal service and communication throughout their company, from the field to the office. Their product line addresses the needs of many injuries and medical conditions. Their turnaround time is impeccable in the processing of quotes and invoices. They truly put the customer first. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that is professional, conscientious and caring. I am always eager to refer colleagues to School Health - Sports Medicine for the same great service. I am grateful for their commitment to athletic training."

- Terri W., ATC, LAT, Head Athletic Trainer

"Yesterday I started my ninth year as the school nurse. During that time it has been my sole responsibility to choose and order the supplies for my office.

For several years I ordered from up to 4 vendors to find the specific items I like to use with my population of 3 to 13 year olds. It was always a hassle trying to decide best price and remembering who has what. As much as I love to shop personally, professionally it was a real pain.

One day I received a call from a guy named Brian Perry who said my as my school rep he would like to give his extension and help in any way possible.

This year, Brian was my exclusive "go to guy" and I haven't ordered from any other vendors for months.

My business office has been very pleased with the advantage pricing and single purchase orders also."

- Kristin B., R.N.

"We have been working with School Health for many years now, and I would like to take this opportunity to commend the fine outstanding customer service we have been receiving from Mr. Doug Zybrands And Ms. Nikki Engelking.

They have been very supportive of our program and always keep us informed of new equipment and supplies.

They go above and beyond getting our orders correct and on time. We are grateful to have such great support from these two individuals to make our program successful."

- A large urban school district

"Customer service has been awesome & Bryan Ball is an amazing rep to work with."

- Luke S., Head Athletic Trainer

"Your salesmen Bryan Ball and John Johnston have been great to work with and your prices have been good too."

- Pat B., Office Assistant

"The 300 School Nurses and School Nurse Practitioners serve more than 220,000 school-age children in 450 public, private and parochial schools throughout the School District of Philadelphia. They play a vital role in improving the health and well being of our students by promoting health and safety, assisting to design and implement accommodations for children with special health needs, linking students and their families with health resources in their school communities, providing on-site health care so that students can remain in school, and providing health education to members of the school.

To say that School Health Corporation has provided support to us in all of the above-listed activities would be a gross understatement. From the smallest item needed in a single school health room, to assistance with the rapid upgrading of necessary equipment in high volume, so that we are able to stay in compliance with State-mandated screenings requirements, School Health Corporation has provided the highest quality customer service, expedient delivery and fair pricing.

Further, we recognize that all the staff of School Health Corporation, from District Manager Joanne Nicholas, to the personnel at Hanover Park, IL (Gail Kinateder, Melanie Plaza and others) have become genuine and always appreciated friends of the School Nurses of Philadelphia.

It is reasonable to say that, in many ways, we couldn’t do our work without them."

- Rhona C., MSN, MA, RN

"Why School Health - Sports Medicine? For me it's simple: the people. Their sales staff has a long history of carrying out the philosophy and the values of School Health - Sports Medicine - outstanding service to the customer first, backed by quality sports medicine products at the right price."

-Tory L., MA ATC, Associate Athletic Director