A Huge “Thank You” to Our Customers on the Front Line

March 2021

Rolling Meadows, IL - “On behalf of the 182 employees at family-owned School Health Corporation, we want to thank our customers for the extraordinary work they continue to do in supporting the health of students – physically, mentally, and emotionally – so that everyone can learn and perform to the best of their abilities,” said Rob Rogers, President, School Health Corporation.

As the COVID-19 virus began spreading rapidly forcing school closures and stay-at-home orders early last spring, School Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Teachers, and Administrators stepped up and took action to provide medical care or assistance to students and their communities. Whether remotely via telemedicine, helping to staff COVID testing sites, contract tracing, food service delivery, or taking temperatures, they were there for their students in a time of need and continue to make their health and well-being a priority.

With a demand for infection control products so high and limited supply, we were working hard to provide the products and services that our customers needed most. We experienced extreme stock outages and backorders taking longer to fulfill but were dedicated to finding solutions to help our customers through these unprecedented times. We searched the globe for alternate sources, carefully researched potential new suppliers, vetted options, and procured products at crisis-era higher cost levels. Our commitment to our customers remains consistent as we continue to offer these alternative products at prices below our everyday pricing policies.

We have a special place in our heart for the numerous schools and districts that donated their medical supplies to front-line workers early last spring. We reached out to these customers and offered the opportunity to restock their supplies. Over 618 schools and districts across the country signed up for the restock relief program. As a result, a total of $154,500 worth of free PPE products was given to participating schools who also purchased additional supplies at our deepest discounts. “During this global pandemic, our customers have relied on us like never before,” says Rogers. “We want to provide them with the supplies they need to continue to support their students, staff, and communities and we greatly appreciate their generosity during this crisis.”

In a year of remote and hybrid learning, social distancing, face mask requirements, and everyday challenges, our customers have continued to help their students get back to a sense of normalcy and plan for a return to the classroom and extracurriculars. As they find innovative solutions, so too will we.

About School Health Corporation

Founded in 1957, School Health Corporation has been dedicated to helping school-based health professionals keep their students, staff, and community healthy. As a national, full-service provider of health supplies and services, School Health’s comprehensive offering includes health supplies, sports medicine equipment, physical education equipment, early childhood products, and special needs aids. School Health goes beyond merely supplying products by also providing product support, training, advisory services, and exceptional customer care.