The Brayden AED/CPR Manikin

The Brayden CPR manikin is a new innovative CPR manikin that offers the most realistic CPR feedback of any manikin in the market today!

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Product Description

The Brayden AED/CPR Manikin is a state of the art manikin with a visual LED display of the blood flow from the heart to the head, allowing the trainee to remember the vital importance of correct CPR technique. The Brayden Manikins are appreciated by CPR instructors for their user friendliness, clear feedback, and accuracy. These manikins are a must in the field of CPR awareness and education.

CPR Feedback Features:

  • Chest Compression Indicating Lights - These illuminate to represent the volume of blood being circulated by the chest compressions. This volume depends on the depth of compressions. These will only fully light when the depth of compressions is at the correct depth.
  • Blood Circulation Indicating Lights - These illuminate to represent the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. The speed of the blood flow shown varies according to the depth and speed of the compressions. These will only fully light once the rate of compressions is over 100 per minute.
  • CPR Quality Indicating Light - This illuminates to represent that blood is reaching the brain. This will only fully light when the depth and speed of the compressions are correct.

Additional Features:

  • Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth
  • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch
  • Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilations
  • Head tilt and chin lift for opening airway
  • Anatomically correct
  • Easy AED training pad removal
  • Air vent reduces the risk of cross contamination. Air from Brayden's disposable lungs exits through the back of his head.
  • 6 set of alkaline batteries can power 160,000 compressions. AC supply optional.

The Brayden Manikin Includes:

  • 1 spare face
  • 1 lung bag
  • 10 face shields
  • 6 "C" cell batteries
  • Instructions for use
  • School Health Carry bag/kneeling pad.

Dimensions: 24-5/8"L x 14-3/8" W x 9-13/16" D. Weight - 9.5 lbs.

Brand Aero Healthcare
Height 9
Width 14
Length 24
Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No

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