Reduce Threats and Save Lives with ThreatZero

Did you know 95% of school attacks take place in middle schools and high schools with a currently enrolled student as the attacker 90% of the time? These individuals often exhibit noticeable warning signs prior to their actions.

ThreatZero is an evidence-based, school safety program that includes all the training and tools schools need to truly PREVENT targeted violence.

Together, we can stop school violence and prevent everyday tragedies faced by students, including suicides, bullying, self-harm and more. ThreatZero not only provides training to teachers and administrators, but more importantly, to students. After all, they are in the best position to notice concerning behaviors from their peers and others in the building.

Three Components for School Violence Prevention:

1. ThreatPrevent

ThreatPrevent is a monthly video-driven education program designed to heighten awareness, grow a culture of shared responsibility, and teach ThreatZero’s S.O.S. methodology — Sense. Observe. Share.

ThreatZero delivers strategically paced microdose learning, creating easy application and retention of information, including:

  • Outside-in and inside-out comprehensive threat reduction
  • Organization-wide identification of pre-attack behaviors
  • Core understanding of how school violence evolves
  • Personal adversity and stress response mastery
  • Measurable gains in safety, happiness, and resilience
  •  Empowerment and control 
  • Generate a culture of shared responsibility

2. ThreatShare

 ThreatShare is ThreatZero's proprietary, gold-standard tool for safely, confidentially, and effectively sharing any vital concerns or threats. We provide multiple ways to share concerns, delivered instantly to the proper authorities in your school.

3. ThreatAssess

This simple, clear, and comprehensive tool expertly and swiftly assesses and actively mitigates potential threats. ThreatAssess guides users through a simple, step-by-step process so that they have the information they need to evaluate threats and determine a path forward. 


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