Time Timer MOD 10 & 30 Minute Visual Timers

This highly visible visual countdown aids students in grasping time concepts, complements diverse learning styles, and is sized perfectly.
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Product Description

10- and 30-Minute Timer Details:

  • Seeing 30 or 10 minutes on a traditional 60-minute Time Timer disk can be seen as a small amount of time. For the short activities where a full disk is preferred, these timers can satisfy the need to visualize more. As part of the Time Timer MOD Education Edition family, these visual timers are a small desktop sized portable timer. 
  • Each include a soft white silicone case and one year of premium access to the Time Timer® App. 
  • Perfect for working one-on-one with students and patients, movement breaks, short study intervals, focused appointment times, or speed-based assignments.
  • Countdown clock provides an optional alarm and silent operation features ideal for learning activities such as reading, studying, and time management.

Time Timer MOD 10 & 30 min Features:

  • An on/off switch for the audible alert, for any time you need to hear the beep or prefer silence
  • No loud ticking
  • A glare-free lens protects the colored dis
  • Protective silicone case.
  • Small portable desktop size
  • Durable clear lens
  • Size: 3.5"x 3.5"

*One AA battery required for operation (not included)

Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No