Togu Octositz Multi Cube Red

Lumpy, uneven balance and stability conditioning aid with round-based shape provides fun way to address vestibular stimulation, balance, sensory integration, and mobility.

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Product Description

Children can practice balancing on the unstable surface to train muscles, enhance coordination, and increase stability of the spine. Asymmetrical shape allows children to roll, sit, lay and climb around it and on it to test their limits in various positions. Can also be used to provide a dynamic seating option and for balance training while seated.

Designed to have enough give to be comfortable to roll around on while also being firm enough to provide a tractable surface to balance on.

Easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap. Approximately 13” diameter. 440 lbs. weight capacity. Not made with natural latex rubber.

Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No