Treating an Opioid Overdose with OTC Narcan

Join Josh Pruitt, MD, FAAEM, CMTE, as he shares his experiences treating patients who have suffered from an overdose. He will discuss how and why opioid addiction has become a widespread issue, the dangers of fentanyl and related substances, and how we can lower fatality rates among youth populations.

Meet the Presenter:

Josh Pruitt, MD, FAAEM, CMTE

Doctor Josh Pruitt, MD, FAAEM, CMTE, serves as a flight physician and medical director for LifeGuard Air Ambulance, as well as providing medical direction for Area Ambulance of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Fire Department, Monticello Ambulance Service, Robins Fire Department, Urbana/Polk Township First Responders, Swisher/Monroe Township Fire Department, and Martelle First Responders. Additionally, he is a site director for the University of Iowa EMS Fellowship.