Hearing Screenings for Children Aged 0-5 Years

Get to know the how and why of hearing screening for early childhood (ages 0-5 years). This webinar will go through the hearing screening methods available and discuss specific tests and methods that are most appropriate for this age group in order to obtain reliable results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How we hear
  • Why hearing screenings are so important
  • About Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) and Select Picture Audiometry

About the Presenter:

Dr. Carrie Browning is a licensed audiologist working with MAICO Diagnostics in Eden Prairie, MN. She obtained a master’s degree in 1999 and through continued education received a clinical doctorate in 2005. Dr. Browning has worked in a variety of settings through her 20 years, including clinical practice, network provider relations, and for the past 6 years as a product manager for MAICO diagnostics.

Her current role allows her to work closely with the Research and Development team in Berlin, Germany from initial product investigation to release-to-market sales. She is a member of American Academy of Audiology and holds a MN Audiology license.

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