PALOS MX-100™ Composite Soccer Balls

Featuring a waterproof PU/PVC cover, shock-absorbing EVA foam, and a durable rubber bladder, these balls deliver unmatched performance and resilience. Available in black, blue, and red, and in sizes 4 and 5, these soccer balls are perfect for players of all ages.
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Product Description

Get the best value without compromising on quality. PALOS MX-100 Composite Soccer Balls offer a high-performance alternative to more expensive national brands. Perfect for a variety of environments, including physical education classes, recreational leagues, training sessions, and casual play.


  • PU/PVC Cover: Provides a waterproof and wear-resistant exterior, ensuring the ball performs well in various weather conditions and maintains its appearance and integrity over time.
  • EVA Foam Layer: Increases resilience and reduces shock, making the ball more comfortable to play with and helping to improve players’ control and kicking accuracy.
  • Nylon Yarn Winding: Maintains the ball’s shape, providing consistent performance and durability through countless games and training sessions.
  • Rubber Bladder: Resists air leakage, ensuring the ball stays properly inflated for longer periods, reducing maintenance, and ensuring reliable play.
  • Size 4: Ideal for younger players, providing a manageable size that helps develop their skills and confidence.
  • Size 5: Suitable for older children and teens, offering the full-sized experience needed for more advanced training and competitive play.
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