SCA Straight Talk: Saving Our Students - One Heart at a Time

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the #1 killer of student athletes and the leading cause of death on school campuses. During this webinar, we will discuss important programs and protocols that can help to prevent your students from becoming another devastating statistic.

We will also:

  • Review signs and symptoms of heart problems in kids
  • Learn why student heart screenings are a critical tool for identifying hidden heart issues that can lead to SCA
  • Provide information to help you evaluate your school’s preparedness for managing a cardiac incident

About the Presenter:

When life threw her a curve ball in 2013 with the tragic and unexpected death of her 19-year old daughter, Julie Walker dusted herself off and immediately launched a nonprofit foundation in response to this devastating loss. Her mission was to save other families from devastating heartache. Under Julie’s leadership, The Peyton Walker Foundation is a national award-winning, thriving nonprofit that provides free heart screenings for teens. They have donated 150 AEDs throughout Central Pennsylvania and have trained thousands of community members in CPR & AED use. The Foundation has also provided over $100,000 in scholarships and training equipment to the Physician Assistant program at King’s College in Wilkes Barre, PA. Julie’s most recent accomplishments include advocating for passage of “Peyton’s Law” (legislation aimed at educating parents and athletes about SCA and the importance of electrocardiograms), and last month unveiled the very first SaveStation in Pennsylvania – an outdoor, climate-controlled cabinet that makes an AED accessible to the community 24/7/365. Julie also owns and manages a meeting and event planning business – working primarily with biotech & pharmaceutical companies on product launches, national sales meetings and corporate events. Julie lives by her dad’s motto that he instilled in her from an early age…no matter what, ALWAYS maintain a sense of humor.