School Health Corporation Awarded LEED Green Building Certification

April 22, 2021

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.—On Dec. 7, 2020, School Health Corporation’s Rolling Meadows headquarters at 5600 Apollo Drive, was LEED Certified. LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and is the most used green building rating system in the world. “More than 4,000 schools are LEED-certified, and many schools seek suppliers with sustainability practices,” said Rob Rogers, President of School Health. “We felt it was important that our new headquarters reflect the values of our customers and employees.”

Green buildings practice sustainability in a way that positively impacts the lives and work of the people who use them. For certification, an organization must show that it is helping to make the world a greener place and improving human health through their building’s design, construction, and operational practices. School Health meets the requirements for this certification through a variety of unique features on its new campus. On the exterior, insulated concrete walls and roof panels are designed to maximize the efficiency of the company’s heating and cooling systems. To reduce the impact on local sewer systems, storm runoff drains into a wet retention/dry detention area. This area has been landscaped with native grasses and wildflowers, and an included pond is filled with aquatic wildlife every spring. During the warmer months, this outdoor space gives employees the chance to enjoy some fresh air during the workday.

The goal for the building’s interior was to create a clean and spacious environment and provide employees with a healthy place to work. Materials used on the inside of the building, like sealants, glues and paints, have little to no volatile organic compounds. Air filtration and large windows also provide good quality air and plenty of sunlight. Plus, the LED lights installed in the building include sensors that react to natural light and human presence. Together, these initiatives create a more energy-efficient environment for everyone.

“We are in the health business, so it makes sense we have a healthy place for our employees to work,” said Susan Rogers, Chief People Officer. “From the quality of indoor air to the supply of natural light throughout the building, we could see the positive impact on our employees in the office and warehouse from the moment we moved in.”

On Earth Day and beyond, School Health strives to create a greener world not only through the construction of its campus, but also through environmental initiatives in its warehouse like shipping boxes and protective padding that are curbside recyclable, using forklift chargers that have a 94% energy-saving efficiency, consolidating multiple orders that are going to the same address, and more.

“Achieving LEED certification is more than just implementing sustainable practices. It represents a commitment to making the world a better place and influencing others to do better,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, USGBC. "Given the extraordinary importance of climate protection and the central role buildings play in that effort, School Health Corporation is creating a path forward through their LEED certification.”

To get an inside look at our green initiatives in our building, watch our LEED® Green Building Certification video.

About School Health Corporation

Founded in 1957, School Health Corporation has been dedicated to helping school-based health professionals in keeping their students healthy. As a national, full-service provider of health supplies and services, School Health’s comprehensive offering includes health supplies, sports medicine equipment, early childhood products, physical education, recreation and athletic products, and special needs aids. School Health goes beyond merely supplying products by also providing product support, training, advisory services, and exceptional customer care.

About the U.S. Green Building Council

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