Transition CurriculumTransition Curriculum

Activities That Support a Compliant Transition Plan

Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills offer schools, youth providers, adult organizations and educators the most comprehensive career exploration, job preparation and life skills curriculum available.

These programs provide a real world, real results approach with hands-on products and immediate tracking for progress monitoring. The curriculum is research-based and peer-reviewed providing skills for all learners to help all your students realize their potential.

Project Discovery provides a coordinated set of activities to support a compliant transition plan. Students will learn about realistic interests, strengths and preferences and be better prepared to make an informed decision about their post-secondary outcomes.

Achieve Life Skills is a competency-based approach to prepare your students to be job and life ready through interactive instruction. This dynamic series will help learners achieve employability skills and life skills for independent living.

Evidence-Based Practice

Elena Hitch, a Special Education Teacher in Woodford County, Kentucky​ shares how the Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills Curriculum helped her students discover their career passions:

Project: Discovery Job ReadyProject: Discovery Job Ready

Effective, hands-on career education using real tools to perform real jobs.

Adapted Career Exploration: Opening doors for students with autism and other significant challenges. Allows learners to experience and develop real-life job skills with actual tasks and real job tools.

Built upon a foundation of research on the effectiveness of applied, hands-on instruction in career education and skills training.

Effective instructional methods that address multiple learning styles provide support for at-risk and special populations. Many evidence-based practices are incorporated into the curriculum.

Achieve: Life skills Life ReadyAchieve: Life skills Life Ready

Competency-based programs to prepare learners to be life ready.

Job Prep & Employability Skills: How to get and keep a job.

Employability skills encompass the foundational skills necessary for both the job search and job survival. Instructional modules to help learners gain crucial skills for getting and keeping a job.

Independent Living Skills: Daily skills to promote self-reliance.

Learners need to possess key daily living skills to become independent, successful members of the community. To live on their own, learners have to be able to manage day to day tasks.

Instructional modules to provide learners with the skills they need to live successful independent lives.

What's In a Kit?

  • Classroom-ready instructions
  • Engaging activities to motivate your students
  • Knowledge & performance-based assessments
  • Rewarding students
  • Easy customization
  • Specifically designed special education versions
  • Real tools for real job skills
  • Involving parents
  • Real voice audio
  • Mobile storage made simple
Greenhouse Kit MaterialsGreenhouse Kit Materials

Greenhouse Kit Materials

Caregiver Kit MaterialsCaregiver Kit Materials

Caregiver Kit Materials

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Sample adapted curriculumSample adapted curriculum

Adapted Sample

Sample Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills Sample

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What are educators sayingWhat are educators saying

A Confidence Boost

Project Discovery Adapted Curriculum Proves Game-Changer for Student with Autism

Due to intellectual delays and struggles with communication, Cory did not perform well in traditional classes. ‘Career exploration is critical for students with cognitive, physical, or behavioral issues,’ explains Theresa Cortney, a Transition and Employment Specialist.

This curriculum changed his life. Today, Cory volunteers at a local animal shelter and has enrolled in a vet assistance program.

He is more talkative, he maintains eye-contact with classmates, and his confidence has taken a big step forward!

The Project Discovery curriculum is our first step in helping these students develop their passion and calling.

T. Cortney
Klein, Texas

Life Ready

Alabama Students with Special Needs Gain Key Workforce Skills with Hands-On Career Instruction

Alabama’s Lauderdale County Schools are using Education Associates’ Project Discovery Adapted Series to teach students with cognitive disabilities essential life skills and core academics.

‘My teachers have loved it,’ says Brooke Gilmer, Director of Special Education. ‘It’s straightforward and gives them what they need without requiring much prep.’

The kits cover the most common jobs that individuals with disabilities are likely to find in their community. Additionally, students learn basic life skills such as using money and communicating with colleagues.

The Adapted Series is my favorite program we have implemented. It teaches students in the way that they learn best.

B. Gilmer
Florence, Alabama