It Can't Be Left to Chance - Ensuring Your AEDs Are Ready at a Moment's Notice


Manager of Rescue Ready AED Management Service at Cardiac Science. As an advocate of AEDs and emergency preparedness, Tricia is a frequent speaker and consultant to schools and corporations about the importance of AED programs; and how a well-designed program can help save lives.

When you are responding to sudden cardiac arrest, every second is critical. Take advantage of every second by ensuring your devices are in proper working order and ready at a moment's notice. Data shows that the success of any AED program is one that is well maintained. With Rescue Ready Annual Service Visits, your AED program will receive annual service from a factory-certified Cardiac Science technician who will test the AED and perform any required maintenance enuring readiness in case of an emergency.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Components of a successful AED Program
  • How to meet national and local requirements
  • Your options to ensure readiness and compliance