A Comprehensive Software for Lifelong Health 

WELNET® is a comprehensive software solution for teachers to gather fitness and health data from students and to promote student learning. Teachers can choose course length, order, content, and assignments to establish prerequisites and availability. 

Students can access WELNET with any internet-enabled device. The module allows teachers to provide a flipped classroom for students to allow for a deeper understanding of health and fitness concepts without compromising activity time.

WELNET unifies your Physical Education data:

  • The web-based software allows users to input fitness and health data at any workstation, anywhere with internet access

  • The autosave feature ensures fitness measurements, assessment scores, behavior logs, rubrics, and student goals are not lost after entry
  • The application allows for a coordinated school fitness and health approach between administrators, physical educators, health educators, classroom teachers, nurses, and parents
  • Customization includes building your own assessments, selecting your own fitness measurements, designing rubrics and critical elements for chosen motor skills, and custom surveys
  • Student logins and passwords are created automatically

Available Modules:

  • Online Learning - Student Portfolio
  • Online Learning - Physical Education
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Brain & Body Boosts
  • LMS Integration
  • Behavior Logs
  • Video Library
  • Data Analysis
  • Wearables
  • Fitness
  • Rubrics
  • Survey

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