Zoll AED Plus with Soft Case and Rx - Semi Automatic (8000-004000-01)

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The Zoll AED Plus features visual and audio prompts help to guide the rescuer through each stage and alleviate any worry that steps are being missed. The Zoll AED Plus also helps the rescuer avoid the most common mistakes made during CPR-inadequate chest compression depth and rate. As CPR is being administered, the device displays a bar graph that allows the user to easily visualize the CPR they are administering. It also offers audio cues that will let the rescuer know whether CPR the CPR compressions they are administrating are adequate. If not, the user will be prompted to "Push Harder." The Zoll AED Plus, Real CPR Help provides a metronome that uses real-time compression data to instantly adjust and help keep the rescuer administering chest compressions at the optimal rate.

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