The Math Derby



The Math Derby

Turn your card over to see how you must travel your next lap! 

IXL standards:
2nd Grade…Y.7-8, T.10-11
3rd Grade…F.1-13, G.2, G.9-10, G. 15-16, G.20, H.
4th Grade…D.1

Grade Level: Grades 1 & 2 – Addition and Subtraction • Grades 3+ – Multiplication and Division


  • Cones to set up an oval (race track) (21049-PS)
  • Team hoops with dry erase boards (21202-PS), markers, scratch paper and erasers
  • Enough Flat Hoops to have 2 kids per hoop with equipment above within them. (14004-PS)
  • Buckets with math cards (you’ll need lots of copies, laminated) (15607-PS)


  • Set up a large oval race track with cones. Put buckets with math cards at each end.
  • Place hoops inside the interior, and place a marker board, markers and eraser in each hoop.

How to play:

  • When the music begins you and your partner jog a lap around the cones.
  • After you finish the lap, one partner will stop at a bucket to choose one math card. They will then take it back to their teammate who is at their team’s hoop.
  • The partner that was waiting will write out the problem on the marker board and complete the problem.
  • The pair will then turn over the card to see how they must travel their next lap, watching carefully for safety and space.
  • As they continue to finish laps, they should take turns getting the math cards and writing on the marker board.
  • The teacher will move around the center of the track and check answers to problems. If they encounter an incorrect response, they will erase it and let the team try again.


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